Dutch Elephant
– A brand that supports elephants –

A special journey through the beautiful and lively Asia has led to the emergence of a new refreshing concept. The Elephant symbolizes strength, dignity, wisdom and eternal life. The above characteristics are the foundation for the creation of the clothing brand ‘Dutch Elephant’.

The above symbols of the elephant are incorporated in a unique logo. The logo is a unique design with a powerful look. The symbolism of eternal life is reflected in the logo by means of the Asian ‘long life’ sign.

The mighty elephant in Asia and Africa is still mistreated and threatened by ivory poachers and farmers in favour of the tourist industry. Dutch Elephant wants to make a difference here. Dutch Elephant will support various projects of ‘Friends of the Elephant’, which contribute to the protection of the Asian and African elephant.

Dutch Elephant donates a part of the proceeds to ‘friends of the elephant’.

`Dutch Elephant – Embrace life`